recently I had a trouble with tracking how many downloads of files I get, that is why I have decided to write my own simple solution and now I would like to share with product that can be usefull for many of You!

JunkBox :: File Download Analytics


JunkBox is a lightweight web application that can track your files and record every single click. You can get the total number of hits and statistics on who downloaded your files and how and when. Moreover it is completely transparent so every link looks like an ordinary link to an ordinary file.

For example this looks like an ordinary link to an ordinary file:


but, just add '?stats' at the end:


and here you can get statistics of how many hits per day this particular file has.

What's more you can go and list files in the directory where you can see hits counter for every file inside.


And at the end you can get the list of the most popular files:


Also you can create your own custom theme.

JunkBox is distributed under terms of GNU GPL license.

Home page: http://junkbox.ognisco.com
Online demo: http://junkbox.ognisco.com/demo

Feel free to download, test and use JunkBox.
Any feedback highly appreciated.


Lukasz (cepa) Cepowski
Krakow, Poland
+48 502 670 711

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