Hey folks,

    Hopefully this is enough on-topic not to annoy anyone.  Up until
now I've mostly written small one-off scripts -- a web page that needs
a few things dynamically generated, a shell script to do a small job,
things like that -- and vim has been more than adequate.  I'm
currently working on something a lot more complex -- a web based
front-end for a medium sized custom database -- and I'm finding that
my code is getting more and more scattered because I don't have a good
tool for looking at it.

   So:  does anyone have a recommendation for an IDE that works in
Windows, Mac, and Linux?  I spend roughly equal time in all three, and
I haven't found a tool I like yet that works in all of them.
Actually, I stopped looking three or four years ago, but at that point
there didn't seem to be anything.  If anyone has any advice, I'd love
to hear it!


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