Gary wrote:
Lester Caine wrote:
>  I'm having to do the hg/git version control outside eclipse and I've
>  given up trying to do that on the windows machines.
Cygwin? Both git and Mercurial packages seem to exist, although I don't
use them so can't say how good, bad, or otherwise, they might be.
git's private version of cygwin does not play nicely with an existing cygwin installation. git can be used with windows - if you don't use anything else as well. Hg still needs a number of updates on it's eclipse plugin to handle sub-repo's and a similar problem affects git's. Response from those development teams - stick with cvs or svn if you are using 'modular' projects.

TortoiseHg does a good job layered outside eclipse on both windows and linux, but this is well outside the 'php' area of discussion ;) Although providing a stable development platform for php development is probably of interest.

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