-- purposely top posting as well --
just think, here in ontario, we have UBB... where Bell is proposing a 25
cap on usage... you sir, are killing my usage!!!!!


On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 12:18 -0700, Alexis wrote:
> Bloody Hell!!
> How many lines is the footer in your email response!!!
> I make it almost ten times longer than the reply itself....talk about 
> abominable netiquette, and I have purposely put this response at the top 
> as after all footers do go at the bottom of an email :)
> Do you even NEED a footer with nothing but inane comments in it?
> Alexis
> On 01/02/11 11:54, David Hutto wrote:
>  > I'd pass the db's to a threaded function that processes each db's info
>  > in an algorithmic order.
>  >
>  > -- The lawyer in me says argue...even if you're wrong. The scientist in
>  > me... says shut up, listen, and then argue. But the lawyer won on
>  > appeal, so now I have to argue due to a court order. Furthermore, if you
>  > could be a scientific celebrity, would you want einstein sitting around
>  > with you on saturday morning, while you're sitting in your undies,
>  > watching Underdog?...Or better yet, would Einstein want you to violate
>  > his Underdog time? Can you imagine Einstein sitting around in his
>  > underware? Thinking about the relativity between his pubic nardsac, and
>  > his Fruit of the Looms, while knocking a few Dorito's crumbs off his
>  > inner brilliant white thighs, and hailing E = mc**2, and licking the
>  > orangy, delicious, Doritoey crust that layered his genetically rippled
>  > fingertips? But then again, J. Edgar Hoover would want his pantyhose
>  > intertwined within the equation. However, I digress, momentarily. But
>  > Einstein gave freely, for humanity, not for gain, other than personal
>  > freedom. An equation that benefited all, and yet gain is a personal
>  > product. Also, if you can answer it, is gravity anymore than
>  > interplanetary static cling?
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