Daniel Brown wrote:
     Absolutely.  Look into employing TinyMCE or CKEditor (or the older
FCKEditor) so you don't have to do so much server-side processing.
This will only apply to pages moving forward, mind you, not for
displaying existing table data.  You'll need to make the determination
if it's right for your specific case.

I probably should have went that route! I'm really bad about
looking for existing solutions. ;-)  Instead, I
I am using a conditional where if the content contains
a table, then don't use nl2br... then I told the admin
that if they use tables in their body content, then they will
have to include the <br />'s themselves.

$t_tablecount = substr_count($t_body, '<table');
$t_endtablecount = substr_count($t_body, '</table');

if (($t_tablecount > 0) && ($t_endtablecount > 0)) {
  print "$t_body";
} else {
  print nl2br("$t_body");

I guess that will work for now.


D Brooke

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