Al wrote:

You have an example of a page you'd like to control that we can see?

On the surface, it appears you may be able to control the rendering with
advanced CSS2/3 selectors. Thus, the browsers will do the work for you.


Hello, yes and no.. ;-) Right now browsers receive a google warning of "malicious site".. which is one of the reasons they are asking me to
redo it. It doesn't actually have any maliciousness ;-) in it, but
I don't want to post the link for that reason. I'm a few days off from
going live though (and fixing that problem).. and could post the
link then if needed. However, I think the solution I came up with
is working fine for the most part.

For Ash, yea, I thought of doing some more sophisticated parsing of
the content as you suggest, but the KISS philosophy has merit as well, especially when trying to finish a project within a deadline. ;-)

Thanks for comments.

D Brooke

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