At 2:20 PM -0500 2/15/11, Mujtaba Arshad wrote:
I would say all languages have their 'lousy developers', however, since very
few schools focus on teaching the 'proper coding style' for PHP it leads to
people learning from a variety of resources available online, and this leads
to them receiving mixed messages from the tutorials and allowing people the
ability to choose the method they prefer. Since there is very little
syntactic consistency among the code produced by developers, it leads to the
perception that the developers are 'lousy'.

I don't know if I buy that or not -- I didn't learn programming in school.

I learned by using rocks instead of ones. It was a few years later that we created the concept of using the absence of rocks as zeros and were finally able to build things other than pyramids.

Style became a matter of choice -- it's what makes sense to you and that usually works.

For example, while it's true that Rob and I disagree on brace style, there are many different types to choose from.

This is what I show my students:




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