At 8:26 PM -0500 2/14/11, Brian Waters wrote:
Hi everyone! I'm just starting out with PHP so I'm looking for a good
place to ask some questions, have my code critiqued (read: visciously
ripped apart), and generally BS about PHP and programming in general
(if that's OK). I know that PHP sometimes has a reputation for having
(some) lousy developers, and I'd like to avoid becoming one of those
people. To that end, I've subscribed here because I've always found
mailing lists to have much higher-quality discourse than the average
online foum.

Looking forward to participating!

- BW


Welcome to the list.  A few points:

We seldom "viciously rip apart" code.

We won't write code for you -- unless it's interesting to us.

We don't usually critique code -- because usually there's too much code presented when people try to go that route.

We don't agree that PHP has a reputation of having some lousy developers -- because that's simply not true.

We (or at least I do) agree that mailing lists have higher-quality discourse than other mediums (i.e., forums, books, web sites) -- because what is published on this list is immediately reviewed by very smart people using their experience and current technology to backup their position.

So after all is said, what we do is to give you our best guess at what needs to be addressed in the problem you present.



PS: We seldom point out spelling errors, but it's good to review what you post. Remember, what you post will be public for generations to come.

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