On 11-02-22 06:29 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
I wrote a short page on how to actually type of code that one writes,
it can be found here:

The point that I stress on the page is that first you close an
element, then you fill it's contents. The page has examples in HTML
and PHP. I would like to know what the experienced programmers here
think about this. Am I going about it wrong?

I'm more likely to do this stuff for HTML than PHP. However, I do sometimes lay out the structure of some conditionals/functions before fleshing them out so that I can do some early testing... but I always fill the conditional as I'm doing this. In case that's not clear... the code flows from first character to last character as I type all of the conditionals (no jumping around). Later I fill in the associated activity for the conditional.

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