This bit?

On 22/02/11 22:06, Gary wrote:
for($i=1; $i<=$_POST['counties']; $i++) {
if ( isset($_POST["county{$i}"] ) ) {

You loop over $_POST['counties'] and look for $_POST["county$i"]

I suspect that there is no field 'counties' in your form, so the server is complaining about the missing index - seems likely that the production server
is not showing the error, but instead just giving up on the page.

I think the IE7/Firefox browser difference is a red herring: it wasn't actually working in any browser, or the code changed between tests. Remember, PHP is server side and generates HTML (or whatever). Unless you tell the PHP what browser you are using and write PHP code to take account of that (not generally recommended) then the server output is the same regardless of browser.

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