On 03/08/2011 09:46 AM, Marc Guay wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I'm glad you resolved your problem.  I'm curious about your method
> though, as it seems to be an entirely different approach to my own.
> How do you refer to your session data throughout the rest of the site?
>  Do you always reference the $_COOKIE variables or do you utilise
> $_SESSION's at some point?

I'll summarize... Everytime I hit a page I open a session with a session
time of 7 days. If the user logs in correctly it stores the user
information in $_SESSION, and then the site sees their login info and
lets them past the login screen. If, at the login screen, they select
public terminal it sets the session cookie length to 0 and regenerates
the cookie to expire on browser close.

Everything after that is pulled from the $_SESSION variable.

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