I am working on CMS designed to those who are unfamiliar  with a
computer world and I want to offer a task where on a push of a button
it will save current working page in textarea/s and open this page in
a new tab or in a new window.
I googled some, but am still not sure how can I do it.

Do I have to use target="_new" - I can not do this - I am working this
for my University seminar and it has to be valid HTML5.

Please help me improve my plan
1. I check wheter the user is using windows, linux, mac and then show
appropriate possibility of all browsers for the targeted platform
(WIN:IE,SA,FF,CH,OP, LINUX:FF.CHROMIUM and I need help for the mac
also besides SA and FF what does it have among browsers?)
2. When the browser clicks button with the image of browsers inside
anchor I target _new and location of the current file

?1 How can I offer option to open a new window not a new tab?
?2 How can I avoid the target attribute?
?3 How can I make a click on an image to produce action - or what do
You suggest me to use - I would prefer img element not  button with an
image - how can I do this?

Once I will finish it I will offer here software to everybody so I
will be able to get some response and improve it and this is one of
the major problems otherwise it is already functional.

Please help me, thanks in advance - or ? You think I could do this better in JS?
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