On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 11:49 AM, Jim Giner <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com>wrote:

> Can one create a set of $_POST vars within a script or is that not do-able?
> My display portion of my script utilizes the POST array to supply values to
> my input screen - this works well for the first display of an empty screen,
> and any following re-displays if there's an error in the user's input.  But
> I want to use this same script/screen to display the results of a query
> when
> the user wants to update an existing record.

While a user script can populate $_POST this is generally prohibited as it's
typically populated by the environment.

It would probly be cleaner to have the display portion of your script read
from an arbitrary array.

Said arbitrary array could be populated by $_POST in one case and the
results of a query in another case.


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