Hey, folks -- --

I am switching over my development (I hope) to a Mac. Having some
trouble with the configuration. Rudimentary scripts run fine in the
document_root, but beyond that, my scripts in the include_path are not

The include_path has a couple of directories in which I have my
foundation classes and a clients application classes and other
programs. For various reasons, I put them into my "Documents/Clients"
folder. When I create to set the path to these files in PHP, they are:


PHP doesn't find them, which has me stumped.

php.ini shows the include_path correctly, as:   

the document_root, configured in Apache is: /Users/ken/Sites/

The errors show as:
include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'smm_header.php' for
in /Users/ken/Sites/smm_registration/smmcomputereducation.php on line

Any ideas or suggestions?



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