It is completely wrong... JavaScript is client side technology (your browser), PHP is server side technology (your web server). To do what you want, you SHOULD just wrap the image in a link:

<a href="where-to-go.php"><img src="" alt="description" /></a>

If you MUST use JavaScript, then you can use onclick() to redirect:

onclick="document.location( 'where-to-go.php' );"

If you want to also set the SESSION then add a parameter to the URL and catch it on the receiving page:


Then in your PHP script (where-to-go.php):

if( isset( $_GET['action'] ) && $_GET['action'] == 'some-action-taken' )
    $_SESSION['s1'] = 12;

I hope this helps... I'll be hiding for the rest of the day :B


On 11-05-20 09:05 AM, Negin Nickparsa wrote:
i want to when clicking on the image then go to other page or set my

i have this in php code:
echo"<img src=' ' onclick='$_SESSION['s1']=12(i mean a number)';/>";
how can i correct this
or if it is completely wrong how 2 solve it?
i tried to set header in onclick too but i think it can't do because header
is function of php and i echoed the html tag

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