Tnx to all:D
Paul you are absolutly right:D
it was a bad mistake from me
there was no need 2 convert it
Balint helped me n with mysql_error i found that
my code hasn't any mistake
i just forgot the BIG thing!
selecting db:D
i totally forgot it because i had array keys with if statement n in there i
selected it
but in the last one of them i forgot 2 set the selection of DB
Ashley what is OP? and filtering i didn't understand
Andre why u r telling me
Note: you *didn't* execute the query by calling mysql_query on it.
if it doesn't execute the query then what's it doing?
Vitalli believe me that i tried it n i can send the string without  error i
tried it:
$query1="select * from patient where id=".$_POST['txt'];
it works! after i found my error i tried it 2 n it was right!!!

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