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>       $EncXML = shell_exec(""/usr/bin/java/java -jar MyApp.jar -XML
><$XML_toEnc>); <<== ??? How can I pass parameters like a large string of
>let say XML?

You're missing the shell escaping. Try something like this:

$xml = '<greeting>hello</greeting>';
$xml_shell = escapeshellarg($xml);

$result = shell_exec("/usr/bin/java/java -jar MyApp.jar -XML $xml_shell");

See: <http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.escapeshellarg.php>

If you need to pass the value through standard input, you can pipe it out
of echo:

$result = shell_exec("/bin/echo -n $xml_shell | /usr/bin/java/java -jar
MyApp.jar -XML");


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