Daevid Vincent wrote:
A friend sent me this URL today. While amusing, he's got many valid points
and I certainly share in his frustration.


I'd take him a bit more seriously if he used a real name ;)
But many of the points I looked at simply reflect that he has yet to take advantage of any of the free development tools that highlight problems even before you try and run the code? Of cause what would be really useful would be a comment section on each page so that they CAN be corrected, or linked to the discussion on the pro's and con's on making changes to them. But on the whole PHP is no more 'inconsistent' than any other language? Many of the things I learnt to do in Algol all those years ago are now done differently, and no doubt things will change again - next version of PHPX :) I've just wasted the last two days trying to get a C++ program that I've been using for 15 years even to compile in the latest iteration of the old Borland tool set .... and I had to pay lots of pennies for the privilege to even try!

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