On 11-05-28 05:26 AM, Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello Lester,

Actually,  many of the points are not important for me so far, however
this one really drives me mad:
http://phpsadness.com/?page=sad/35   (can't   explode()  by  an  empty
Besides that, he says nothing about unicode issues.
I  love  PHP  (I  really do, it's a neat language, as for me!), but it
*should* be unicode by default. If you ever read my code when I try to
make and strtr() with a unicode string, you'll understand me because I
do  an iconv(), then strtr() and then an iconv() back to unicode. That
is not a good coding practice, is it?

Isn't explode() with an empty string akin to division by zero?

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