Well said. I agree completely with your distaste for extreme political
correctness. Like I always say, "it's not a stereotype if it's true."
 On Jun 3, 2011 4:53 PM, "Daevid Vincent" <dae...@daevid.com> wrote:
>> >> Reminds me (obliquely) of an entry in the index for "The C Programming
>> >> Language" for recursion, which points right back to that index page. I
>> >> about doubled over when I first discovered it.
>> >
>> > That's hilarious. I love subtle humor like that.
> This whole thread seems to echo the original subject recursively too...
> How sad this topic has devolved from what was IMHO a fairly honest page
someone created (with valid grievances) to one of religion and name calling.

> I tried to avoid commenting at all but I do have to agree with Tedd here:
>> Instead, I think you saw an opportunity to be "politically correct"
>> and rise to the occasion in righteous indignation.
> I personally think Politically Correctness is a load of $h!t and causes
more harm and trouble than it's worth. I'm so sick of it being dictated to
me everywhere from media to schools to work to now even a programming
language list. People need thicker skins. If you are so easily offended,
then block that person's email from your mailbox. It's called the 1st
Amendment. I may not agree with, or even like the things you say, but I'll
defend to the death your right to say it -- whatever it is! I don't agree
with radical Muslims wanting to kill me either, but I'll defend their right
to protest and say whatever they want (as long as it's true!). Same goes for
KKK or any other extremist group.
> Ross Perot said it best, "every time you pass a new law, you give up some
of your freedoms".
> And this P.C. crap is just an un-official "law" that is being imposed on
> People aren't "visually impaired", they are "blind". They're not "dwarfs"
or "little people", they're "midgets". A "retard" is "handicapped" and isn't
"mentally challenged". (there, how many people did I just offend?) DEAL WITH
IT. I have a "big nose" and I'm "balding" from Alopecia -- I'm not
"olfactory gifted" or "follicly deficient" either. Didn't your mommas ever
teach you, "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names can never hurt
> And don’t even get me started on "stereotypes" -- because those are based
on true observations too! If you don't like your stereotype, then
collectively as a people, you need to change it. "we" didn’t make up your
stereotype, "you" did! We just noticed it and pointed it out to you --
you're welcome.
> ...and watch this:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqVhtHapFW4
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnDIvZKs4dA
> http://www.metacafe.com/watch/457799/allahu_akbar/
> shoot, I wouldn't be surprised if I just got myself on some government
watch list now that I googled for those videos!
> ...let the ~/.procmailrc filters begin!
> Here use this:
> :0
> * ^FROM.*daevid
> | (echo "From: POSTMASTER@YOUR_NAME_HERE.com"; \
> echo "To: $FROM"; \
> echo "Subject: You have lost your email privileges to me you politically
incorrect P.O.S."; \
> echo "";\
> echo "I have banned you from emailing me and I hope you die painfully.\n"
> ) | $SENDMAIL -oi -t
> /dev/null
> ...actually, I do have some good ones here:
> http://daevid.com/content/examples/procmail.php
> :)
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