Really? This thread is going to tangent yet again to something completely

FWIW, I used some stupid "WinLIKE" JS framework by

These bastards haven't updated it since 2007
Normally not a big deal, but they "patented" it (or tried), and it's all
minified and IN GERMAN! So trying to figure out how and where to remove that
browser check has been a futile effort that I just don't care to spend any
more time on.

This is yet another reason and example as to why I HATE frameworks. I should
have never used their crappy one and just built everything myself.

My current PERSONAL site is starting to show its age and is due for a
re-vamp, but honestly I just have too much other work on my plate that pays
me. 90% of the people out there use FF or IE and so I don't really care
about Safari or Opera or the other fringe browsers for my PERSONAL site.

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> ...actually, I do have some good ones here:

"It appears your browser does not support some of the advanced  
features this site requires.
Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox."

ROFL. Good one.

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