On 11-06-05 09:33 AM, Richard Riley wrote:
Geoff Shang<ge...@quitelikely.com>  writes:

On Sun, 5 Jun 2011, Tim Streater wrote:

Anyone whose site says that sort of crap needs a good smack.

Don't get me started on Facebook.  If they don't like your browser, they
redirect you to their"We don't support your browser page".  They don't even let
you try with your unsupported browser, which might well work if you're clicking
on a link to a particular status update.


Why do you feel FB should support some antiquated browser that doesnt
support any of the newer technoogies which enable security and more
advanced client side rendering?

If people want to use Lynx or W3m then go ahead : just dont expect
everyone else to pander to your desire to stay old school.

Google are now refusing to support older browsers like ie7 too.

2 words... progressive enhancement. If your browser doesn't support a feature then it should degrade gracefully. Accessible web philosophy 101. I hate going on to some website, especially government, and finding that it sniffs my browser and then completely excludes me if it doesn't like what it finds.

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