On Sun, 5 Jun 2011, Richard Riley wrote:

If they allowed incompatible browsers that caused havoc then before you
know it the great unwashed would be demanding more and better support or
complaining about lack of functionality. Doing what they do they make it
very clear from day one.

This would be a fair enough attitude if they only applied it to their member sections, but they don't. They set themselves up as publishers of information, page hosts of sorts, then don't let anyone in who wants to *read* them.

Dont like it? The APIs are open. Write your own interfaces to their
authentication and graph API and target the parts that wont result in
your accuont being banned for chucking access tokens around and breaking
their security model.

Totally not the point. Quite aside from the fact that Mobile Facebook works extremely well with Lynx, and so did Facebook Lite until they sadly took it away, it's not what I'm having trouble with.

An example of what I'm talking about is the following tweet:

ABCGrandStand: #nrl : NSW ORIGIN team game two.. Dugan, Hayne, Hopoate,
        Gasnier, Uate, Soward, Pearce, Gallen, Ennis, Mannah,...


Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no need to log in or anything remotely 21st-century required to read the rest of this post. All you need to do is click the URL and the appropriate Facebook status will come up, which you're free to read without any further clicking on your part.

But only if you're using a browser that's been blessed by the Facebook gods. If you're not, you're sent to http://www.facebook.com/common/browser.php with no other course of action.

I hope you can appreciate my point. The choice to use Facebook was a decision made by the person sending the tweet, not me. It's not going to kill them to either let me see the page with appropriate functionality warnings, or to flick-pass me to the equivalent mobile Facebook page. I can't view it on the mobile site myself without first resolving where the shortened URL points to, changing the "www" to "m" and hoping it works, or signing in and trying to find it myself.

Even Twitter, who don't let me login to the regular site without javascript, are quite happy to let me view tweets unauthenticated on their site with Lynx. If I want to login, I need to use their mobile site. Not a problem - if I try to use their main site and it doesn't work, it doesn't work. At least they let me try.


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