> Assuming each thread has its own copy of $this->fp, even after renaming the
> log file all other threads will still be pointing at the old file. The
> resource is connected to the inode, not the filename, so even if the
> filename changes the inode does not, therefore the actual location on disk
> represented by the resource does not.

Actually I thought pretty similar before. I will test the option below too


> I would fix this by doing the following after acquiring the lock...
> 1. Close the file
> 2. Reopen the file
> 3. Seek to the end
> 4. Then do the ftell
> Alternatively it could just do a filesize on the filename to get the current
> size rather than using ftell on the resource. If the size is less than ftell
> then another thread has rolled it over and this thread needs to close and
> reopen the file. If they match, roll the file over.
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