I would just like a show of hands(emails) of those interested in having a
WEB/PHP based Finite State Machine (FSM) tool that would allow designing AND
displaying the decision logic of a page or site. (look

It would use SSL to transfer data to/from the web interface.
It would use SCP/SFTP to transfer to/from the script's buffer vars.
It would be able to be sited on one site, and edit:
        That site's design.
        Other sites' designs(providing you had the correct passwords/certificates).
It would create logical and faster decision paths in pages, especially those
        are multipart pages, for example, shopping carts, membership entry screens.
It would bring making PHP web pages closer to making real applications that
        to have web interfaces.
It could be used to rewrite PHPLIB/PEAR and make it easier to maintain them and
        extend them for future functionality.

It would use a State Event Matrix(Table) as input/display.

http://www.projtech.com/pdfs/sdfada.pdf (page 9, see item 4.6)

http://www2.sec.fi/mallinnus/realtime/Foundation_v1-1.PDF (page 19)
http://www.gefeg.com/jswg/s4/data/9735-3.pdf (page 14)


(funny cartoon on vendor's page!!)

(EXAMPLE response functions selection to a particular STATE/EVENTS combination)
        Different functions(already written)can be selected in any order, any 
        number of times up to the maximum.

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