I recently received a note from a user of my PHP website saying that they 
came to my page and received no content. After investigating the problem, I 
found that another site (doubleclick.net to be specific) had set a cookie 
with the same name as a variable (id) that my script uses to determine 
which output to display. So, since the contents of this cookie were not 
recognized by my script, nothing was displayed.

My question is, how could this happen?? I was under the impression that 
cookies were linked to a specific domain, therefore cookies from another 
site could not interfere with my site. We deleted the cookies from her 
computer and it is working again for now, but if it can happen to her it 
can happen to anyone.

Any explanations on how this cookie was read by my PHP script would be 
appreciated... I know I can always tell PHP to not put cookie data into the 
variable, but I shouldn't have to do that. Thanks!

Jason Bauer
Michigan Tech Fund
Web Site Coordinator

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