Geoff Lane <> wrote:

>On Saturday, June 18, 2011, Ron Piggott wrote:
>> I am not getting anything.  Is there a correct way of passing a
>> variable through an image?  The value in this above example is the
>> auto_increment value of the product.  From this I could remove the
>> item from the shopping cart.
>An image causes two variables (name_x and name_y) to be set where
>these give the coordinates of the point on the image where the user
>clicked. So, the corresponding x and y $_GET or $_POST variables will
>be set and using your example, if you had:
><form action='adjust_cart.php' method='post'>
><INPUT TYPE="image"
>  WIDTH="20"  HEIGHT="20" style="float: right;border:0;"
>  alt="Remove Product From Shopping Cart" name="remove_product" />
>Then in the called script, you could use:
>if (isset($_POST['remove_product_x'])){
>  // do stuff to remove product from cart
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What browser did you test your original script on, because IE has "problems" 
with image buttons on forms. Better to use a regular submit button and style it.

Don't use links. They might work fine, but search engines follow them, and can 
cause pains with scripts that don't take them into consideration.

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