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>On Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:50:49 -0400 Daniel P. Brown wrote:
>> > Has someone a Link with Tutorials or other Information?
>>     Not entirely sure what you're asking here, or how you (or the
>> nginx folks) expect it to relate to PHP.  Do you mean that you want
>> use PHP to have theme2.php act as if it was called as theme.php?id=2
>I have me write a blog, but my blog has link like blogdetail.html?id=1
>or =2
>through 16 at moment. And for google and other Search  Engines not good
>links, better where i can rewrite to a fix link, and when someone use
>link, php write to correct url.
>Sorry my english not perfect on earth.

I've not yet seen any evidence yet that pretty URLs actually benefit SEO. I 
regularly search for answers to problems online, and mostly I get forums as the 
results, all of which have URLs like showthread.php?t=1234567

I see that url rewriting is always suggested on SEO checklists, but with no 
evidence. The best evidence I could find was out of date by about a decade, so 
not that useful here and today.

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