On Jun 24, 2011, at 1:35 PM, Richard Quadling wrote:
On 24 June 2011 18:23, Tamara Temple <tamouse.li...@gmail.com> wrote:
On Jun 24, 2011, at 10:28 AM, Richard Quadling wrote:
On 24 June 2011 15:44, Vitalii Demianets <vi...@nppfactor.kiev.ua> wrote:
And furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed.
Let's haul out the PHP war wagons!
I so wanted to rename my daughter "Little Chelsea Tables" after I read that one. Randall is one mean mofo.

And because it is so relevant, I added it to the docs...


Well played, sir, well played. I think we should go through all the xkcd comics that relate to programming somehow and insert them in the php.net documentation :)

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