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#### radio select validation ####

What I am doing wrong?

I want to make sure a radio button is selected, but my current code
allows insertion even when radio button isn't selected.

At the risk of repeating myself:

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You can also avoid the problem with an empty return if no radio button is checked by making sure one is checked when your form loads, by using the 'checked' attribute on one of the items. If you want them to have a "not tested" option, you can include that as one of your buttons and add it to the array above as well. (That might be a good place to use the zero value.)

My code is:

                                //Generating radio buttons for store type with 
                                echo 'Store type:<br /><br />';
                                        $choices = array('corporate' => 
'Cricket owned | ',
=> 'Premier dealer');

($choices as $key => $choice) {
        if (!$firstchecked) {
echo "<input type='radio' name='store_type' value='$key' checked /> $choice".PHP_EOL;
                $firstchecked = TRUE;
        } else {
"<input type='radio' name='store_type' value='$key'/>
$choice \n";
                                //Validate the radio button submission
(!array_key_exists($_POST['store_type'], $choices)) {
"You must select a valid choice.";

That's rather brute-force; perhaps some maven can come up with a better scheme.

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