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> Fatih,
>        I am sorry spell check auto corrected your name, I was not changing
> your name on purpose.
> It was not my intension to piss you off.
> I understand your frustration, trust me.
> I am running 5.3.6 on Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS, I am running massive
> class based methods in my own framework.
> I am trying to help you narrow down the issue. I never blame PHP first
> because in my trouble shooting steps, I never get to PHP before I find the
> issue.
> Segmentation Faults: that prevent the php script from completing locking up
> resources and causing a nightmare chain of events. It dumps the process at
> the fail point can look like it is a PHP thing but it is not. This can
> explain sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.
> This can be caused by a host of reasons:
> Buffer Overflow,
> Attempting to access memory the program does not own. (This also points to
> Storage Violations)
> Using uninitialized pointers,
> Dereferencing Null pointers
> Again suggestions please do not take offense.
> Richard L. Buskirk

already here to ask for suggestions not to take offense. Anyway, I will
re-check these points you have mentioned.


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