Hi everybody!

We'd like to introduce you our documentation generator - ApiGen 2. We use it as a replacement for PhpDocumentor (that is not being developed for more than 3 years). You can find it on Github https://github.com/apigen/apigen along with a comprehensive readme (describing its features and command line options). Compared to PhpDocumentor, ApiGen si significantly faster and more flexible. Currently we are preparing PHP 5.4 support (mainly traits).

An interesting feature is that it describes the source using reflection, however not the PHP's reflection as you know it. We have developed our own library that emulates reflection using the tokenized source code. This library may be useful everywhere you need to process the PHP source code and don't want to include/require it. You can find it in a separate repository: https://github.com/Andrewsville/PHP-Token-Reflection

You can see some examples here:

To install it you can either use our PEAR channel (as described in the readme) or simple download it from GitHub.

We'd be grateful for any feedback, so if you're interested please give it a try a let us know what you think :) Thanks.

Ondřej Nešpor (and...@andrewsville.cz)
Jaroslav Hanslík (kukul...@kukulich.cz)

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