I'll try it on my PHP 5.3 web framework later today. Thanks for working on
this project!


2011/6/29 Ondřej Nešpor <kon...@andrewsville.cz>

> Hi everybody!
> We'd like to introduce you our documentation generator - ApiGen 2. We use
> it as a replacement for PhpDocumentor (that is not being developed for more
> than 3 years). You can find it on Github https://github.com/apigen/**
> apigen <https://github.com/apigen/apigen> along with a comprehensive
> readme (describing its features and command line options). Compared to
> PhpDocumentor, ApiGen si significantly faster and more flexible. Currently
> we are preparing PHP 5.4 support (mainly traits).
> An interesting feature is that it describes the source using reflection,
> however not the PHP's reflection as you know it. We have developed our own
> library that emulates reflection using the tokenized source code. This
> library may be useful everywhere you need to process the PHP source code and
> don't want to include/require it. You can find it in a separate repository:
> https://github.com/**Andrewsville/PHP-Token-**Reflection<https://github.com/Andrewsville/PHP-Token-Reflection>
> You can see some examples here:
> http://andrewsville.github.**com/PHP-Token-Reflection/<http://andrewsville.github.com/PHP-Token-Reflection/>
> http://api.nella-project.org/**framework/<http://api.nella-project.org/framework/>
> http://jyxo.github.com/php/
> http://doc.kukulich.cz/**doctrine/ <http://doc.kukulich.cz/doctrine/>
> http://doc.kukulich.cz/**phpunit/ <http://doc.kukulich.cz/phpunit/>
> http://doc.kukulich.cz/zend/
> To install it you can either use our PEAR channel (as described in the
> readme) or simple download it from GitHub.
> We'd be grateful for any feedback, so if you're interested please give it a
> try a let us know what you think :) Thanks.
> Ondřej Nešpor (and...@andrewsville.cz)
> Jaroslav Hanslík (kukul...@kukulich.cz)
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