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> I have made a few changes in Outlook to make this a little easier. Since
> this is the only time I would ever bottom post. 
> I will manually do it, I am sorry but Outlook should have an option for
> this!!!! 
> I was not complaining about bottom posting I just thought maybe someone knew
> a setting to make it happen in outlook.
> :) Happy FRY Casey Anthony Day!

There is another way...

Have you looked into using Evolution as an email client? It's what I use
on Linux, and the last time I checked there were Windows binaries
available for it. It connect to MS Exchange Server if that's what you
use in the office, it's completely free, and it lets you set up your
posting options very easily. It also looks very similar to Outlook,
although it behaves itself a darn sight better, and tends not to crash
or drop connections as much as Outlook, oh and there are the added
security benefits you get when you realise that email viruses tend to be
targeting MS products!


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