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On 2011-07-05, at 8:52 PM, Jim Giner wrote:

> Huh?  You have a problem with a person having a spam filter that requires
> one valid response to ensure that the mail from an address is from a real
> person ONE TIME ONLY?
I know that I do. I monitor our web site's registration system, and will get 
a number of notices from things like Boxbe, stating that they've delayed the 
email with the confirmation link that we send our clients, until we confirm 
receipt of their notice. But, this can be used against you, as they now know 
that your address is valid, and can in turn spam you!

But they can't spam me until they do make a response.  And if they are 
actually in-human (!) enough to go to that length (and I suspect that the 
laziness factor of a spammer will reduce that possibility), I can easily 
blacklist them  - which I have only had to do a couple of times in the last 
5-6 years.

Once a week I review my 'box trapper' queue to see what's been held up.  An 
average of 10 emails a day that never get to my inbox is a good thing in my 
book.  Or should I say never get to my 3 inboxes - pc,ipad,phone.

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