Hello everyone-

I need some expert advice so I turn you to all! :)

I'm am currently in the process of making 7 web sites using PHP and MySQL
backend.  I'm porjecting that all of these sites combined will get a million
plus hits a month easy when it's all said and done.  What I'm wanting to do
is to put the database on it's own machine and put the sites on a different
machine to reduce the cpu load.  However, I'm not 100% sure this is the best
option.  I know there are a ton of variables to consider with this situation
and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go so I don't have to redo it

I'm thinking with the traffic these servers are going to incur if they are
on one computer then I should probably have a dual CPU with a gig of ram or
more and two hard drives.. Once CPU for serving up the pages and once CPU to
run the db.  Also, one HD for the db and one HD for the pages in trying to
get the most performace out of one machine.

Some of the dedicated options that people have thrown to me are in the range
of a 450 CPU with 512 Ram and 30GB drive.  I don't think that with so many
pages being served that this system will handle it.

Any suggestions?


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