> Hello everyone-
> I need some expert advice so I turn you to all! :)
Don't know if expert is my case :)

> is to put the database on it's own machine and put the sites on a
> different
> machine to reduce the cpu load.  However, I'm not 100% sure this is
> best
> option.  I know there are a ton of variables to consider with this
> situation

My exp... If you do this have a FAST and VERY FAST and secure connection
between them. Remember, querying a database that's not on the same box
takes longer... (perhaps if the webserver has too workload, not) but
under normal circumstances... it has to travel ... 

Other solution would be a powerfull box doing both. 

Database on one SCSI disk, WEBsites on ANOTHER and preferably OS on
another different. That way three partitions can be read at the same
time.  (Forget crappy 'ultrasuperfast IDE'... )

Memory... tons of memory... :) 512 and up to avoid any kind of swapping.
And of course 100MB switches/cards/cables.

Dual CPU will help... and after those hits start 'hitting' you could
evaluate which service has more load (httpd for sure will be).

Hope this helps... 



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