On Wednesday, July 6, 2011, Dave Wilson wrote:

> OK. We all know that constants cannot be accessed directly via their
> name in double-quoted or heredoc strings.

FWIW, this looked like it might be a right royal PITA for me ATM.
However, I've got a work-around.

With about a dozen scripts written using 'heredoc', I discover the
need to include extra information for which I required a constant. The
answer for me was to initialize a variable to have the same value as
the constant and to use that in the heredoc string. e.g:

define ('KONST', 100);

$konst = KONST;
echo <<<END
Some sample text in which we need $konst

A similar approach is to declare a 'pseudo-constant' variable instead
of defining the constant (e.g. $konst=100 instead of the first two
lines of code in the above sample).



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