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> >define('DIR_JAVA', '/js/');
> >
> >When you need to use the JavaScript directory you can do this.
> ><script src="<?php echo DIR_JAVA . 'jquery-1.5.1.js';?>"></script>
> >
> >There is no true need for the curly brackets to echo out the value of
> >the constant.
> >
> Except for when you're using heredoc, much like in the OPs first
> post...
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        I have a few questions.
I use constants in my OOP and I never use the heredoc syntax. Now I am fearing 
that I have not taken advantage of something.
My understanding of heredoc syntax as of 5.3 is just a string quoting right?
Is there an advantage of using the heredoc syntax over single quoted or double 


Echo 'your constant for the javascript path is '.DIR_JAVA;

Echo <<<EOT
Your constant for the JavaScript path is {{DIR_JAVA}}

I fully understand the syntax but I do not understand the advantages of using 
Is it just a writing style, or is there an advantage to the way it processes, 
speed or something?


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