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On 7/6/2011 9:47 AM, Steve Staples wrote:
What do you think you gain by limiting the link to a single use? If you
think you're preventing them from passing it on to other people, then yes
you are, but if you do that then they'll simply send the digital file
instead so you're actually trading a poor user experience and increased
support costs for practically no benefit.
Why not just send the file to them via email on success?

As Stuart said, if you're worried about them giving the download URL out
to other people, then they will just put it on a file sharing site and
give out that URL instead.

Either way, unless you have some kind of file locking/binding to IP/mac
address and/or a call home feature, it is kinda hard to stop piracy, and
even then, there are people who can and will crack it if it is something
that useful.

Good luck with this.



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