Hello All,
I am needing some assistance. I am trying to add some Cc and Bcc to a mail script I have. On the form I have instructions for each to be separated by a comma + a space. In an all perfect world each user would do this perfectly. ...but since were working with something different,
how can I check for this? and catch any that dont do this perfectly?

Is there a reg exp that covers this? I have seen many, but some make the head cramp. Mi mui novicio.
To wrap it up, I am basically trying to do this...

$cc = "ema...@domain.com ,ema...@doamin.com,ema...@domain.com , ema...@domain.com, "

to be

$cc = "ema...@domain.com, ema...@doamin.com, ema...@domain.com, ema...@domain.com"

Any pointers would be much appreciated.
Best Regards,

Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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