On 2011-07-13 10:36, Vitalii Demianets wrote:
On Wednesday 13 July 2011 11:09:45 Jay Ess wrote:
On 2011-07-13 09:54, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
$cc = "ema...@domain.com ,ema...@doamin.com,ema...@domain.com ,
ema...@domain.com, "
$cc = trim($cc,",");
$result = preg_replace('/(\s?)(,)(\s?)/i', ',', $cc);
The solution is broken because of:
1) you have missed spaces after comma in two places. It should be like this:
$cc = trim($cc,", "); //<- here space after comma in the second argument
$result = preg_replace('/(\s?)(,)(\s?)/i', ', ', $cc); //<-- the same, here
space after comma in replacement string.
Yes, that was pretty sloppy of me hehe.

2) it doesn't work with address lines like this:

To: "Some   strange ,, person name"<strper...@example.com>
That was never the requirement ;)

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