On 12 July 2011 18:45, Marc Guay <marc.g...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm working on a project that will only be run locally on a WAMP
> server.  A mobile browser/app will call a certain page which should
> silently trigger a print job to a printer connected to the printer.
> Does anyone have advice on how to accomplish this?  I've seen
> implementations involving Crystal Reports which will be available on
> the server, but perhaps someone has a solutions that won't involve 3rd
> party software.
> Marc

Several options come to mind.

1 - Use Crystal Reports Developer Edition (or an app that comes with
Crystal Reports RunTime and a non developer edition of CR). Maximum
version is XI R2. After that, there is no COM interface, only .NET and
Java - and I can't get the .NET interface to operate in the same way
as I can the COM interface.

2 - Create PDF files and use Acrobat Reader or some other PDF print
driver (CutePDF maybe) - ideally something that can be unattended. The
fpdf class (http://fpdf.org is what I use).

3 - If you are already using Windows, then maybe you have MS Office?
Another COM solution could be to use MS Word or MS Excel (depending
upon the nature of the reports you need.

4 - And just found it. WordPad comes with Windows, so, maybe
(http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/51y8h3tk(v=vs.80).aspx) could
be another option here. I think WordPad is just a visual wrapper for
the RichEdit20 ActiveX component which is controllable via COM.

By using templates, you could create appropriate files manually in
WordPad and then just do a search/replace in PHP, load into RichEdit
and print. Theoretically, a simple process.

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