> 4 - And just found it. WordPad comes with Windows, so, maybe
> PHP+COM+WordPad
> (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/51y8h3tk(v=vs.80).aspx) could
> be another option here. I think WordPad is just a visual wrapper for
> the RichEdit20 ActiveX component which is controllable via COM.
> By using templates, you could create appropriate files manually in
> WordPad and then just do a search/replace in PHP, load into RichEdit
> and print. Theoretically, a simple process.

This is the solution I'm working with except instead of WordPad I'm
using Internet Explorer and letting it parse the HTML and print.
Required a bit of fudging around with Apache permissions on the
server, probably giving it more power than it should, but for this
project it's a one-off local-only website so it shouldn't be a

I followed the first example in this article:


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