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> That's a massive pet hate of mine, along with using here/hear in the wrong 
> way and those who have no idea of the difference between "there", "their" & 
> "they're". Makes me want to beat them upside the head with a dictionary :)
        Mine are it's and its (Remember: it's its!), people who say "people 
that" (It should be "People WHO!") and the complete lack of regard to plural 
versus singular verbs ("There's lots?" "No, there ARE lots of examples of that 
out there!").
        As far as the original list:


it's just a tongue-in-cheek way to point out inconsistencies in the various 
languages. However, is kind of out-dated, referring to PHP 4 and CSS 2, so am 
wondering how many of the entries have been rectified? (For instance, CSS 3 
does have multiple background images.) As well, I suspect that some of them may 
actually make sense if analyzed as to why they are that way, instead of how the 
author has grouped them.

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