Hi all,

I have an erp application developed in php (zend framework actually). There
are many reports which the admin level users can take from the application.
Some reports have more than 600,000 records. The viewing of reports in the
browser is fine as i have paginated the result. But when it comes to
exporting the entire report as pdf and in excel format, im in trouble. I use
fpdf for pdf generation and  a custom class for converting result to excel.
Both these fails when the number of records exceeds 500. Now i have
pagianted the report generation and users can download the pdf page wise.
But that is not the exact requirement. Im in need of a tool to generate pdf
and excel(or csv) for large data set. I came across
http://www.htmldoc.org/when i googled for one. Has anyone in the list
has faced a similar problem.
How exactly is report generation possible when the number of records is
extremely huge? Is there a good solution which can be implemented in php?
Please help.

Midhun Girish

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