Look at it this way, PHP is just another scripting language, it processes data. That said PHP is not responsible for user interface , it just prints out what you tell him to , it can be HTML XML JSON etc presentation thing is eg HTML and CSS is for styling HTML, JS is to dynamically change structure of HTML or better to say DOM. Though there is a easy way to make menus with HTML5 and CSS3 but most current browsers don't support those new tech stuff , (most browsers do but user are not up to date with freshest ones)

If there is a real reason not to use JS, can you make more specific example so we can help.

Bojan Tesanovic
Senior PHP Developer

On Jul 26, 2011, at 7:20 PM, alekto wrote:

is there a way to create a tree menu list only by using php/html/css?
I found some, but they are all in JavaScript, do I have to make them by using JavaScript or is there a way in php as well?

This is how I imagine the tree menu should look like:

v First level
Second level
Second level
   v Second level
Third level
Third level
Third level
Second level
Second level

( > = menu is closed, v  = menu is open )

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