On 26/07/11 18:20, alekto wrote:
is there a way to create a tree menu list only by using php/html/css?
I found some, but they are all in JavaScript, do I have to make them by using 
JavaScript or is there a way in php as well?

This is how I imagine the tree menu should look like:

v First level
    >  Second level
    >  Second level
    v Second level
       >  Third level
       >  Third level
       >  Third level
   >  Second level
   >  Second level

(>  = menu is closed, v  = menu is open )


Look, I know this is loopy and I haven't tried it (for the protection of my sanity, mainly), but how about the tree being an image generated using PHP, and then used as an image map to submit the page every time a click is made on the image - you could then use the coordinates of the click to determine the new state of the tree and render an appropriate image for it...

I'll get my coat...


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