On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 1:42 PM, Geoff Shang <ge...@quitelikely.com> wrote:
> I put this into Google and got this:
> http://htmlfixit.com/cgi-tutes/tutorial_Common_Web_dev_error_messages_and_what_they_mean.php#premature

Yeah, I saw that too. I do know the mechanism that is happening. I
just can't figure out where the problem is without inserting print

> Presumably, you are calling this cron job with some process which runs the
> PHP script through a URL on your webserver.

Yes, that is correct. Using curl to launch the script via the web server.

> 1.  Modify the script so that it does actually output something, thereby
> making the error go away.

When the script starts, it prints a banner with the script name and
date/time stamp. When it completes, it is supposed to print aggregate
results, time spent. I know it's encountering this problem before it
reaches the end as not all the data gets processed. I can't tell where
it is stopping though. If I put it in debug mode, it prints out a lot
of data from the beginning of the script, and never encounters this

> 2.  Run the script directly with PHP instead of via your webserver.  E.g.:
> php -f <yourscriptname>

The way the script is designed, it depends on some $_SERVER values,
which wouldn't be set if running directly from the shell.

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