On 11-09-01 02:39 AM, Ross McKay wrote:
Robert Cummings wrote:

That's because JavaScript is broken in some ways. As much as I like
JavaScript, some parts of the language were thrown together by flinging
crap at a fan and seeing what sticks to the wall... this being a prime

Sounds a lot like PHP :) which I must add I love dearly, though it
certainly resembles your remark much more closely than JavaScript.

But on-topic, novices using a coding style and feeling their way around
a new language would be better served by the 1TB style than anything
that easily allows statement insertion (either by them, or by silly
language defects like JavaScript's semicolon insertion).

Oh for sure, it's necessary that novices have something towards which they can evolve. If they start with Allman's then how could they improve their brace style >:)

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